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Cooperation between RTS and VDE on supplier audits

In 2022, the partnership between VDE and RTS Electronic began when RTS was looking for a reliable partner capable of performing specialized on-site supplier audits in the Far East. Even then, the VDE had an impressive track record of auditing manufacturers and producers. But the suppliers to be certified for RTS were not an everyday case: they were service companies and distributors without their own production.

This challenge was met by the combined expertise and decades of experience of both companies. Together, VDE and RTS developed an innovative audit concept for service providers and distributors of electronic components. This customized format allowed RTS to significantly expand their supplier qualification – through the all-important “on-site audit.” This not only put RTS in a position to point out constructive quality improvements to existing suppliers, but also to evaluate new suppliers in terms of their seriousness, quality and potential.

This cooperation has created enormous added value for both companies: With RTS’ expertise, VDE was able to expand its auditing for the area of distributors and service providers of electronic components, while RTS benefited from an immediate partner on site. Among other measures, this approach carefully screens suppliers to ensure that RTS customers always receive the best possible quality and traceability for electronic components

For both companies, this project is an outstanding example of how a creative idea and fruitful collaboration can lead to a profitable result for all involved.