Lars Kiera (l.) und Oliver Vakilzadeh

BVMW conducts interview with managing directors of RTS Electronic

The Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft conducted an in-depth interview with our managing directors Oliver Vakilzadeh and Lars Kiera. As part of the “Young SMEs” initiative, many questions were asked about the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship. The interview was published on the BVMW website.

A short excerpt from the interview:

How do you experience special appreciation for your work?

Oliver Vakilzadeh: The satisfaction of our employees is the key. Happy employees create enthusiastic customers, and their positive feedback is our greatest appreciation. It’s a cycle of success that starts with our team.

Lars Kiera: “ The positive feedback from our customers and suppliers is always confirmation of the outstanding work of the entire company. At the beginning of 2024, for example, a major EMS service provider named us the best supplier of 2023!

Which message would you give young entrepreneurs?

Oliver Vakilzadeh: Don’t just focus on achieving goals. See challenges as opportunities. It is a journey of self-discovery in which you try to make the impossible possible. In short: see pressure as a privilege. It drives you forward and promotes innovation.

Lars Kiera: If you run the company with another person, don’t see the different strengths and perspectives as a risk, but as an opportunity to complement each other perfectly and get the best possible results for the company.

The interview can be read in full on the BVMW website.