Planspiel der Gesamtschule Waltrop

Supporting the educational prospects of pupils in Waltrop

We are proud to be one of around 20 companies that are an integral part of the “Miniplanspiel” at Waltrop Comprehensive School. Because for us, talent acquisition and training are important factors in personnel management. The “Miniplanspiel” gives us the opportunity to make direct contact with potential trainees and give them an insight into everyday working life at RTS Electronic. Students can gain initial experience in our company and begin their career development.

The visit, which takes place as part of a series of lessons in the eleventh grade of the Waltrop comprehensive school, offers the pupils a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of business processes. You will be given the task of procuring 60,000 components from a US semiconductor manufacturer for a fictitious customer and submitting the best offer. The students have to prove themselves at various stations and deal with article descriptions, desired quantities, prices, exchange rates, delivery times and freight costs.

For the pupils, the mini-game offers an opportunity to take a look at a profession such as wholesale and foreign trade management and possibly develop concrete job prospects. It enables participants to gain practical experience and insights into the world of work.

We also see the “Miniplanspiel” as an opportunity to strengthen our attractiveness as an employer and at the same time demonstrate our commitment to the regional community. As a company, it is important to us to promote young talent and support them on their way into the professional world.

Our trainee programs, which also include internships, play a key role in personnel development. By establishing contact with pupils at an early stage and supporting them if they are interested in our company, we have the opportunity to train future specialists who are an ideal fit for our team. We also offer mentoring and career guidance to prepare young talents for their careers in the best possible way and support them along the way.

Overall, we see the “Miniplanspiel” not only as an opportunity to present ourselves as an attractive employer, but also as an investment in the future of our company and as a contribution to strengthening the regional economy. We look forward to continuing to be part of this exciting project in the future and working with the Waltrop comprehensive school to promote and support the next generations of skilled workers.

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